Final week!

So we’re at that stage already. It’s time to leave. We’ve had the most incredible time here and have learned so much along the way. We hope the girls have enjoyed the drama sessions that we have delivered and learning English along the way. As well as this we are so grateful to be leaving with the recipes for some delicious meals!

We will never forget the time we have shared here and hope the CSSD students next year have an equally enjoyable time.

This week we worked with the girls to reflect on the whole process and post images and cut-outs of hopes on the walls. The girls had individual quiet time, reflecting on everything they had done so far and where they would like their journey ahead to take them. As always, it was a pleasure to watch them work. Once the reflection was done, they created drawings and wrote messages on little cut-outs of leaves, butterflies and of course, clouds. We then pasted this on a tree that had been previously painted on one of the walls. This was a lovely, ritualistic way for us to mark the end of the journey with the girls. Always looking forward.

On this last day of the workshop, the girls had also wanted to present to us a fashion show. This idea came about when we had a previous discussion on what they had wanted to do for the last day – fashion show came out tops! We encouraged this idea as it was a perfect way for the girls to put into practice some of the show making skills they had gathered. While we only stepped in a little to help organise, the entire show was curated and executed by the girls. There was one girl who took charge coordinating the sequence and she was also the emcee. The older girls helped the younger ones to get ready and before we knew it, there was a show!

At the end of the show, the Director of the home said a few words of thanks and gave us each a small token of appreciation. It was truly heartwarming. We then thanked the girls and everyone in the home for their support, commitment to the workshops and above all else, their generosity and kindness extended to us, by welcoming us into their family.

We leave with so many wonderful memories. No doubt, this experience has shaped our thoughts of what it means to be an Applied Theatre Practitioner.

We are so grateful for this opportunity that we have received and look forward to what’s to come for us and the girls at Jagshanti Udayan Ghar.

Namaste 🙂

Varshini and Emily xxx


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