Week 4

On the weekend we went into Delhi to do our work and see some markets. Because we don’t have wifi at the home we struggle a lot with completing university assignments. We took this weekend as a chance to get some of our work done.

The weekend was really fun, we had a karaoke night at a hostel when we finished our work and then returned to the home the next day. India gate is not as exciting as we had hoped though, we didn’t realise that the cars drive through it!

One of the older girls asked us to do 5.30am yoga with her on the balcony on Monday so we woke early & waited for her. She was still asleep and didn’t join us but it was nice to see the area so quiet when usually there are children laughing and cars honking all day. We should have woken a little bit earlier to see the sunrise!

This week the girls finished writing the narration for the play and we completed many run throughs of the show.We finished the scenes this week and managed to give the girls an experience of what a professional rehearsal week would be like, using directors notes and fun vocal and physical warm-ups. This is the last week the girls will get the chance to rehearse before the show.

We found out that the girls were not to perform their full 20 minute performance so we condensed it to 2 critical scenes. This took some negotiating on the girls’ part but they agreed to perform the alien and jungle scenes. This also allowed for really exciting costumes for the show.

We spent a session dedicated to giving the girls the materials to create their costumes for the show. They all had really exciting ideas. We provided feathers, masks, glitter, glue etc. and the home staff provided us with clothes that the girls were allowed to tear apart and sew together to create costumes. They were helping each other out, sticking feathers in each other’s hair, providing each other with needle and thread & really coming together to create the costumes.

Last week we were very organised about how the structure of the play would be created, they worked in 2 groups to create 3 scenes each to develop a play with 7 scenes and it worked very well. This week we managed to bring the scenes together very well so that they could see each other’s achievements. The main focus was teaching the girls how a play would come together. We taught them about blocking scenes, transitions and volume.

Next week is summer camp… there will be children from 14 homes here & we are delivering drama for 40 boys and girls aged 14-18 for 3 hours per day for 3 days.

Until then…




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