Taj Mahal!

On 10th June we managed to go to the Taj Mahal at 5am! We arrived there at 9am and it was already boiling hot. We’ve since been told that June is not the month to attend the Taj Mahal… although we assumed as much when we were there.

Although the building is under refurbishment so has scaffolding across it it is beautiful! People kept asking to take photos with the group we were with as we were tourists. This was quite funny at first but then it became quite inconvenient when we wanted to get out of the sun and keep walking but people wanted to be photographed next to us.

On the way to the Taj Mahal, the driver let one of the group we were with play his music. He played pop music & dance music (at 5am) which inspired the driver to play Indian dance music for the whole journey home. We had such a fun time dancing in the back of the car.

Final thoughts about the Taj Mahal: SO hot but so beautiful.

Even if we won’t be able to see all of India on this trip, it was great to have been able to see the monument of love!


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