Week 3

Week 3 of Drama in Greater Noida has passed and it was an incredible week to say the least. We started devising for the girls’ performance at the end of their summer camp, which will begin in about a week’s time. The talented bunch, with facilitation help from us, devised and created a play in just 4 days! 4 days, 7 scenes.

What was more amazing, was watching the support the girls had for each other – there is so much camaraderie, it was a joy to be in the same space witnessing it.

We played many games to continue fostering the special team bond that the girls already have; got the girls to lead (by contributing one warm up action) the warm ups as a way of inculcating the importance of looking your for their fellow actor and constantly got them to reflect to increase their levels of self awareness.

Watching the girls perform the Golden Cloud ritual, which we do every start and end of a session was breathtaking – they’ve really learned to be aware of each other – we had goosebumps when observing the girls do the sequence after it was added to the show.

Of course the weeks aren’t without challenges – the intense heat affects all of us. While the workshops are done indoors, it still bears down on everyone, bringing energy levels really low at times. Electricity goes off in the afternoons most of the time and everyone feels like they’re sitting in ovens. Sometimes the girls have other commitments and can’t attend workshops. Sometimes the facilitators themselves, as much as they try, are exhausted from the heat, planning, trying to study and research without wifi connections leading to Vodafone data nightmares … despite it all… the show goes on and all of us are still wonderfully committed. More than that, we are passionate about it.

Looking forward to Week 4! Rehearsals, props and costume making – so much fun is waiting for us! πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈπŸŒˆ making theatre, creating art, being happy.


Namaste πŸ™‚


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