Week 2

Time flies! We just completed Week 2, what?!

The company Mercer was visiting the Care home the whole week and had arranged a number of workshops for the girls in the morning. At the end of the week, on Friday, we were invited to join the girls and Mercer on their trip to the Delhi Science Centre which was a lot of fun. On Saturday, we also got the chance to watch a Hindi movie at the cinema with the girls as it was the Home’s lead coordinator’s wife birthday and everyone was getting a movie treat! We were very pleased with ourselves, if we may add, that we checked the synopsis of the movie before going, so that we could at least have a sense of the story! No subtitles. We enjoyed it thoroughly and those cinema seats were some of the most comfy seats we both had ever sat on! 🙂

We were also asked to run a life skills workshop focusing on Goals and Hopes by the social worker assigned to the Home. We did this by getting the girls to relax and imagine a place that was relaxing such as a beautiful garden (an image work we had done in a previous session) and from there, we got them to think about their goals, what they were proud of and what they wanted to achieve. They then spent some time drawing these out as images on paper as we went around speaking to the girls individually about what they came up with. These documents were then handed over to the social worker.

Right, back to Drama. This week, our focus was on getting the girls to understand what made a story. We re-introduced the story, Cloudette, and got them to think about story creation, character development and themes.

We also focused on helping the girls create their own story for their performance that they get to do at the end of Summer camp (a short version) and at the end our project (full version).

To achieve all of these, we divided the girls into 2 groups and we employed a series of exercises such as Frozen Image creation to get them to discuss the relationships between characters, their attitudes, emotions etc. We did activities such as going round the circle and getting each girl to contribute a sentence to continue a story. Thereafter, these stories were presented to the other group.

The highlight of the week was when we used Process drama with the girls. They really enjoyed being able to ‘move’ a story in the space and to be spontaneous with ideas. Leveraging off the excitement from Process Drama, we then got the girls to brainstorm ideas for their very own story. What they came up with was incredible! There’s Bella, a stubborn 14 year old with a pet dragon named Safira which is making her mother sick (for some reason!) and one day goes missing. In her quest to search for Safira, Bella goes on multiple adventures, learning about the magic stick that Safira always plays with and how hardwork and persistence can pay off – and how you never know, when a little magic might help you along the way! 🙂


Brilliant week!

Namaste 🙂


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