Week 1

Some background info. before we talk about the project:

We arrived on Sunday and have settled in well. There are about 30 girls here and we will be working with 18 of them, aged 6-18. The girls have given us a tour of the grounds and invited us to see the butterflies in their garden. There are lots of lizards and they love to run away from them! It is very hot here – up to 45 degrees but we’re having to push through the heat. The food is fantastic too – home-cooked every day by the girls and two of the older ‘Didi’s (sisters). On our second day we went to the home’s head office & attempted to walk to a market for food. This was a bad idea and we became burned and far too hot… the midday sun here is ridiculously strong.

On 17th it was Emily’s birthday so went to the local mall to buy some clothes. Varsh was very good at telling the rickshaw drivers ‘no’. People drive fast two-ways down a one-way street so that’s fun. We’ve enjoyed laughing at the beautiful music – car horns … everywhere!

Now for the project:

Everyday we deliver 2 hours every afternoon we also teach english for 2 hours in the morning. All of the girls are very hard working and keen to do their best both in learning english and in drama. We’ve been trying out different ways to teach – from singing the alphabet to making cards for picture to spelling. It’s a good job we bought so many colouring pens with us.

This week we’ve tried a variety of drama techniques. We’ve used puppetry for storytelling, which worked very well and was engaging for all. However we realised we didn’t translate it the first time around so will have to return to it another day with a translator – still getting used to the language barrier. This didn’t seem like a problem though as the story, Cloudette, is very easy to follow & we gave them each a copy of the book to look at and follow whilst we did the puppetry.

Another session we enjoyed leading was mindfulness for creating stories. We asked the girls to lie on the floor whilst we took them through a guided imagery workshop. They all reported back that they really enjoyed it, many saying they felt like they were in a new world.

So far so good! All girls seem very engaged despite the heat and the time of the workshops (3-5pm). Next week we are looking forward to focusing more on movement and choreography as the girls apparently really enjoy movement.

Namaste 🙂


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